Seed. Cultivate. Nourish

Seasons of the Sacred is an opportunity to reconnect to the Earth and community by coming together around the table for a shared, seasonal meal. It is a chance to be nourished in a new telling of an ancient story — one of an integrated natural world and its cycles — by joining together in one of the oldest and most beautiful of rituals: the breaking of bread.

Seasons of the Sacred is a meal and gathering -- organized and hosted by you -- centered around seasonal food, recipes, and conversation which prompt us to reflect on our relationship to the natural cycles around and within us. Whether rejoicing in the new life of spring, listening to the stillness of winter, or celebrating the vibrant green of summer: Seasons of the Sacred is an invitation to bring family, friends, and communities together around your table to discuss and experience what it means to reconnect to the seasons and to a shared and inclusive sense of place.

Seasons of the Sacred gatherings are an actionable response to a culture that has been swept into the tide of consumerism, globalization, and progress, disrupting our fundamental relationship to the Earth and the ecological systems and cycles which sustain us. By inviting you to host a seasonal meal in your community, we hope to offer a simple and deeply nourishing way of reconnecting to who we truly are: part of a whole and integrated ecology that is fundamentally tied to the seasons of our Earth.

Participating is simple. The first step to hosting a meal is deciding to join your voice to the ancient story of reverence and care for the Earth. From there, we provide you with recipes, readings, a hosting handbook, and a toolkit to guide you through your experience as a host. We walk you through each step of the process: from seasonal themes and recipes, to prompts for conversation and ritual at your gathering...and beyond!

Seasons of the Sacred is a unique opportunity to seed new stories of an ancient connection to the Earth, cultivate healthy relationships to land and place, and nourish our human and non-human communities.