Dr. Susan Murphy Roshi

Dr. Susan Murphy Roshi is the founding teacher of Zen Open Circle in Sydney Australia. She is also teacher for the Melbourne Zen Group, conducting a number of sesshin (7 day retreats) in both cities each year. She is the dharma heir of John Tarrant Roshi (Pacific Zen Institute) and Ross Bolleter Roshi (Diamond Sangha - Robert Aitken), in a lay lineage that draws Soto and Rinzai (koan) style of practice together.

Susan is a writer, radio producer and film director, as well as teaching and mentoring writing in private consultation and occasional meditation and writing retreats. She taught film for many years at the University of Technology, Sydney, has co-written three books on film, and directs the annual Buddhist Film Festival in Sydney established in 2003. She has a special interest in the way Zen and indigenous Australian sense of 'care for country' come together, co-leading occasional retreats in country with Dulumunmun, Uncle Max Harrison,Yuin Elder.

Susan is the author of the book, Upside Down Zen and her latest book is Minding the Earth, Mending the World: The Offer We Can No Longer Refuse, a Zen response to our slow-burning planetary emergency.